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Christmas Party

Come join us for the end of the semester Christmas Party!

Christmas Group

We will have Christmas desserts & snacks and play a "White Elephant"* gift exchange game!

Christmas White Elephant Game

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  Finger food Christmas snacks to share.
  A wrapped gift for the "White Elephant" gift exchange game. (Optional)

 The Babcock's house

 Friday, December 15th at 7pm.

The white elephant gift exchange is a popular party game played during the Christmas holiday season in the United States.

What is a "White Elephant gift"?
Traditionally it is an inexpensive new item, or an item in good condition that you already have, but no longer want or need.

How is the game played?
Each player randomly draws a number to determine the order in which players get to unwrap gifts. The person who drew number 1 picks a present and unwraps it. The person with number 2 can chose a different present to unwrap or they can "steal" the present from the first person. If the present is stolen from the first person then he can select another present to unwrap. The play continues until everyone receives a present.