FFID - First Friday International Dinner

FFID will resume Friday, September 7th 6:30pm

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Fishing Evening

Fishing Evening 6/2/18  5pm

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What is ISIFC

ISI stands for International Student Incorporated — Fort Collins

International Students Inc. is a Christian organization that exists to “share Christ’s love with International Students“.

We help international students, scholars and their families have a positive experience while in the U.S.A. All internationals students and scholars, regardless of race, religion or beliefs, are welcome to our events.

International Students Inc. was founded in 1953 and can be found on over 900 campuses throughout the U.S.A. The corporate headquarters are in Colorado Springs, CO.

If you are a student and will like to attend one of our events, please visit our calendar page.

If you are an American or an international student and would like to become involved, please visit our get involved page.

If you would like to leave a comment or have question, you can also use the “Tell us about your visit” form below.